Recipe: Tasty Pink smoothie Bowl

Pink smoothie Bowl. Hai semua, Kali ini aku bikin smoothie sehat yg bisa dijadiin sarapan ataupun snack. Buah & toppingnya kalian bebas kreasiin sendiri sesuai selera. Berries, banana, and pineapple add natural sweetness.

Pink smoothie Bowl This bright pink "nice cream" will have you dreaming of a tropical island vacation. This smoothie bowl is thick like ice cream, and while you might be thinking breakfast, it's a. #smoothie #vegan #college #peanut butter #smoothie bowl #pink #vsco #granola #fruit #healthy food #healthy I absolutely love this tropical smoothie bowl, that's both delicious and beautiful to look at. A pitaya bowl is a naturally bright pink smoothie bowl made with the pink pitaya fruit, also known as dragonfruit. You can cook Pink smoothie Bowl using 4 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Pink smoothie Bowl

  1. You need of Betterave cuite.
  2. You need of pomme granny (une demie, ou une entière si vous préférez).
  3. Prepare of lait d'amande.
  4. You need of Flocons d' Avoine.

It's usually topped with nut butter, fruit and granolas. Pitaya tastes like a mix between a. This beautifully thick and creamy Pink Cookie Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl topped with wholesome crumbled cookies is the breakfast of dreams! It's perfect for Valentine's Day breakfast but just as.

Pink smoothie Bowl step by step

  1. J'aime bien quand le smoothie est épais au petit déjeuner, alors j'ai mis les flocons d'avoine dans le lait d'amande toute la nuit pour le faire gonfler, mais vous n'êtes pas obligé si vous préférez un smoothie plus liquide.
  2. Couper la betterave, pelez la pomme, mettre dans le mixeur ou blender, ajouter le lait et les flocons d'avoine, mixer!.
  3. Verser dans un bol, ajouter quelques petits morceaux de pomme granny et topping aux choix! (ici, un mélange de céréales) Bon smoothie!.

This light pink smoothie bowl is so pretty, but is it actually edible? How much time did it take to carve those figs? Why are the green tops of the strawberries still on the fruit? So, I have to admit.when I first heard of smoothie bowls, I was a big skeptic. I had a very hard time understanding why on EARTH would someone pour a smoothie.

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